The problem of pain in the human being’s life.

Any person can feel pain in any moment of his/her life; pain is something that as human people has to live with. A good way to have a better understanding of this problem is to have it as clear as possible, for that reason it makes its necessary to know about the kind of pain, answer some questions like: who can feel pain? When can a person feel pain? And why can a person feel pain? And finally, as a good way to find a solution for the problem of pain there are some strategies can be useful.

First, it is necessary to know that there are several kinds of pain, those are: emotional, physical and existential. The first is the emotional pain, which is related to the feelings and can be caused for example, due to the death of a loved person or the sense of failure at not achieving a goal that had given to a person. The second kind of pain is the physical pain; it can be caused by several reasons, for instance: it can be caused by a disease or by the wounds and fractures due to an accident. The third and last is the existential pain, it is not so common and it is the pain a person feel when is suffering a depression or do not find sense to his/her life.

Second, there are some questions that can be useful to know more about pain, those are: who can feel pain? When can a person feel pain? And why can a person feel pain? Regardless of age, nationality, religion or gender, any person can feel pain, it is something innate to the human being and it is always linked to his/her existence, everybody is exposed to have an accident, lose a loved person or which does not find meaning to anything in a moment of his/her life.

In addition, about the question when can a person feel pain? The answer is really easy; a person can feel pain at any moment and as many times as it be caused, there are no times or moments established to feel it and there is not a limit of times in which a person can feel it. Furthermore, about the question why can a person feel pain? As was mentioned before, there are several kinds of pain, and from each kind can be found a lot of reasons and causes why a person can feel it.

Third, as it was mentioned at the beginning, pain is something in which a person is born and something with which has to do throughout his/her life but there are some strategies that can help to overcome pain. A good strategy is to be distracted thinking about other things and spend time with friends or family.  Reflect is also a strategy that can help a lot when a person wants to overcome pain because that is the way in which a person can think about its causes and the solutions to stop feeling it.

Nicoló Tommaseo ever said: «The man whom the pain did not educate will be always a child». This quote expresses the main idea of another strategy, from the pain that has been suffered; a person can learn from mistakes and think ahead as a strategy to overcome pain. The following quote illustrates other strategy that is useful to overcome pain: «Really little taught the life to whom did not teach to bear the pain. “Arturo Graf. Be strong and think about the pain as a reason to keep going.

A good strategy to avoid physical pain is to be cautious when doing movements and postures. And the last and not less important strategy to overcome pain is to smile as much as possible, when a person smiles, releases endorphins, which are hormones that are associated with pleasure, personal wellness and pain relief, so that makes us feel better physically and emotionally. Finally, it is important to note that the implementation of these strategies in daily life, it becomes easier to overcome pain or take it to a point where it is more bearable and can easily live with.

Autor: Daniela Palacio Tamayo